NEW BOOK: Coaching the Dark Side of Personality

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Mon, Jan 09, 2017

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While the practice of strengths-based coaching remains popular in the global workplace, the new book Coaching the Dark Side of Personality sheds light on the toxic tendencies and behaviors that can derail the careers of today’s leaders.

The book, authored by Hogan’s Dr. Rodney Warrenfeltz and Trish Kellett, offers the most comprehensive compilation of expertise exploring the topics of personality and leadership today. In combining the power of Hogan’s science with more that two decades of coaching expertise, Coaching the Dark Side of Personality helps leaders uncover the characteristics responsible for inhibiting their performance and limiting their careers.

“This book directly addresses the elephant in the room, and really takes a deep dive into the dark-side behaviors of leaders across the globe,” says Warrenfeltz. “It’s time we stop solely coaching leaders to focus on their strengths, and start honing in on what’s standing in their way. This is the definitive guide to doing just that.”

Coaching the Dark Side of Personality provides readers with an advanced framework to establish a comprehensive model outlining the role of personality in leader performance, to describe the essentials of personality-based behavior change and to outline the coaching fundamentals that are necessary for success when working with leaders. In addition, the book offers coaching tips that have been proven to produce positive performance improvements.

“When we set out to write this book, our goal was to provide a practical leadership development guide for both executive coaches and those leaders they coach,” says Kellett. “By outlining detailed tips and techniques that have worked for professional coaches around the world, this book reveals our exclusive model to successful leadership development.”

Coaching the Dark Side of Personality is available for purchase at  

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When your Dark Side Goes Viral

Posted by Ryan Daly on Thu, Aug 02, 2012

Here in the Hogan marketing department, we spend quite a bit of time talking about the dark side of personality – the way people experience us when we are at our worst.

There are three reasons for this:

First, we were the first, and remain the only personality assessment provider that deals with dark side personality characteristics.

Second, derailment, the often-disastrous, sometimes headline-worthy result of succumbing to your dark side tendencies, is the most demonstrable example of personality’s effect on our lives.

Finally, every now and then, the particular manner in which someone derails is downright hilarious. Like in the case of the Winnebago Man.

Winnebago Man is a (sort of) censored version of an outtake reel from a 1980s Winnebago infomercial. The seven-plus-minute clip features RV salesman Jack Rebney having a profanity-laden on-the-job meltdown that became so famous, it inspired an award-winning documentary.

Watch at your own risk.

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