Distributor Spotlight: A&D Resources Helps Drive Hogan's Global Proliferation

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Thu, Feb 16, 2017

Hogan’s reputation as the global leader in personality assessment and leadership development didn’t form overnight. In the organization’s early years, Bob and Joyce Hogan knew the only way to improve the global workforce was through the use of the Hogan assessments, and that meant putting the products in the hands of those who could spread their message far and wide. What started as a daunting endeavor eventually evolved into the Hogan Distributor Network – a robust collection of the world’s finest I/O psychologists and HR practitioners spanning 60 countries.

A&D Resources, a 15-year Hogan distributor serving Denmark and the Benelux region, is a perfect example of Bob and Joyce’s original vision – empower talented people with the best personality assessments in the industry and then get out of their way. That’s exactly what A&D Founder & Managing Director Joan Jakobsen did. She is solely responsible for introducing the Danish adaptation of Hogan products, and has since built a team of extremely talented psychologists to build on that success. Her passion and drive continues to elevate the Hogan brand and develop more Hogan advocates. This was demonstrated recently in a LinkedIn post authored by Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen, Vice President of HR Data & Analytics at Shell, who worked with Joan to implement Hogan tools at his organization.     


“There is one really easy way to deliver more impact in HR. It's about being evidence-based and providing an excellent user-experience: Insist on only working with HR companies and HR products that are evidence-based and make the science easy to use - i.e. they make it a pleasure to work with stuff that actually has a proven effect. I'd like to start an evidence-based-HR-peer-to-peer-word-of-mouth recognition round by thanking Joan Jakobsen (pictured here) & A&D Resources for supporting Shell's implementation of Hogan Assessments’ Leadership 360 & Leadership Development tools (HPI, MVPI, HDS): Evidence-based, easy-to-use, to-the-point, clear edge and global benchmarks - tools that help provide excellent feedback to leaders. That is important because Leadership matters for the value companies create for employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders. If you know a great HR company with an HR product that is evidence-based and easy to use, let the rest of us know - they deserve the spotlight via some evidence-based-peer-to-peer-word-of-mouth recognition.”  

Testimonials like this are why the Hogans got into the assessment business, and why the organization remains at the forefront of the industry decades later. The company’s commitment to science and validation, coupled with a global network of partners, clients, and distributors such as A&D Resources, make Hogan the premier choice for every organization’s selection and development practices.

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Tomas Visits Colombia Distributor Thuoper

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Thu, Jul 07, 2016

Hogan’s CEO, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, visited Colombia in June to present a new perspective about leadership in the workplace. He referred to different leadership styles and how they influence business performance of organizations successfully worldwide. 4-1.jpg

Hogan distributor Thuoper Colombia hosted six conferences in Bogota and Medellin where Dr. Chamorro shared interesting insight with more than three hundred leaders from different companies. Dr. Chamorro stated how personality impacts leadership styles. Participants presented experiences and related case studies as well. In addition, they talked about how personal values impact the leadership style. Finally, Dr. Chamorro talked about toxic elements that prevent, or make it harder, to implement an effective leadership. 6_.jpg


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Drinks with Hogan: Can I Partner with Hogan?

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Thu, Aug 20, 2015

In the latest Drinks with Hogan, Global Alliances consultants, Krista Pederson and Dustin Hunter, discuss the three levels of partnerships available with Hogan, why they're so important, and how they can help your organization. Check it out.

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Hogan CEO to Tour Asia Pacific

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

Our CEO, Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, will embark on a tour across the Asia Pacific region, speaking at various events in the next month.

On July 29-30, Tomas will be speaking at two events with Optimal Consulting Group in Singapore. At the July 29 session hosted by the Singapore Business Federation, Tomas will be speaking to CEOs on the psychology of good and bad decisions. The next day, he will speak on the same topic to Hogan users at Optimal’s Hogan User Session.

Also on July 30 in Singapore, Tomas will join Sirota’s managing director, Lewis Garrad, to discuss how to grow employee engagement using personality. At the event, a pilot study of Sirota and Hogan’s “Engaging Leader” program will be introduced, which is designed to help leaders decode their engaging personality style.

On August 3, Dr. Robert Hogan will join Tomas to present at the World Economic History Congress in Kyoto, Japan, where they will discuss the “Historical and Theoretical Explorations in the Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship.” On August 5, both will continue on to Tokyo to speak at an event hosted by Fuji Xerox Learning Institute.

Tomas’s tour across the Asia Pacific region continues on August 13 in New Zealand where he will speak to HR leaders on the topic of “Leadership & Judgment” at four different events hosted by Winsborough Limited throughout the week. The first two sessions will be held in Auckland on August 13-14 and the final two events will occur in Wellington on August 20.

The following week Tomas will speak to industry professionals on August 24 in Sydney at an event hosted by the Peter Berry Consultancy on the topic of contemporary talent management and challenges for the digital age.

In addition, on August 27, Tomas will be the keynote speaker at the Australian Human Resources Institute's National Conference in Melbourne where he will discuss “The Dark Side of Confidence.”

Stay tuned for more exciting news from your friends at Hogan!

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Journey to the East

Posted by Michael Sanger on Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Operating in the country that features the second largest economy in the world (and the first in terms of purchasing power) brings with it a higher level of business development and delivery expectations. It has been a pleasure to witness our Greater China distributor Mobley Group Pacific, Ltd (MGP) along with their local Taiwan partner Infelligent Coaching & Consulting consistently live up to these lofty goals.

This past week Dr. Hogan anIMG_2208d I traveled through Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei as we launched our Chinese versions of the Hogan Judgment assessment. We were honored to speak at Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s premier E-MBA program, The Hong Kong Psychological Society’s Division of I/O Psychology, and to leading HR executives at National Taiwan University. Each time we encountered auditoriums jam-packed with engaged and enthusiastic leaders interested in learning how decision making biases and levels of feedback receptiveness relate directly to organizational performance. The size and sophistication of the audiences that received us is a testament to Ms. Nancy Zhang, President of MGP, and her team’s unmatched efforts in educating the market on the importance of making data-based talent management decisions.

While moderating a subject matter expert panel, Ms. Zhang elaborated on the beneficial discomfort that constructive criticism brings. “An executive’s willingness to engage the pain, accept what is going wrong, learn from his or her mistakes, and take action accordingly…that is the essence of good judgment,” she stated. Jim Hwang of Infelligent drove the point home when he added “If we listen to our own PR machines and yes-men instead of data, we’re doomed to reinforce potentially failing strategies.”

We couldn’t agree more. With over ten years of research behind it, Hogan’s Judgment assessment measures the learning approaches, decision making tendencies and reactions to feedback that are key to understanding the intellectual characteristics necessary for success. Now, thanks to members of our Research and Global Alliances Teams, we can confidently assess decision making styles throughout much of Asia with our locally adapted assessments. For those in the area who want to know more, be sure to look out for interviews with Dr. Hogan at the HR Excellence Center http://www.hrecchina.org/ and in Business Weekly http://www.businessweekly.com.tw/ as well as related materials from www.HoganJudgment.com.

To add to the excitement we stopped by the offices of our longtime distributor Optimal Consulting Group, who covers South East Asia and who also has operations in China, helping capture the market. Optimal recently hit the milestone of certifying 1000 HR leaders and practitioners to interpret our core inventories, and we were pleased we could be there to congratulate them in person. With the insightful and business savvy former Dell executive Ms. Wan Leng Ho at Optimal’s helm, it’s no wonder Hogan Assessments are held in such high regard throughout the region.

It’s always great to see our partners across the world champion the value of predictive assessments with such commitment and passion. We’re especially proud to be working with these two key distributors, each of whom embody the spirit of our One Global Hogan network.

Way to go!

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Go Global or Go Home

Posted by Renee Yang on Thu, Jun 26, 2014

PuzzleAs the World Cup kicks off the summer, it also brings out patriotism across the globe. After all, victory at the international level defines the competitiveness of a national sports team. The same rule applies to organizations. In an increasingly globalized business environment, a company’s capacity for global expansion and its performance in local markets define its competitive advantage.

Speaking of entrance into a foreign country, cultural immersion is always the top concern. As an international professional who has spent five years in the U.S., I learned from personal experience what it takes to overcome the cultural barriers.

Growing up in the most globalized city in China where English was taught at the earliest age across the nation, I did not anticipate much challenge living abroad. After all, if I had been a big fan of McDonald’s growing up, had been up-to-date with American TV shows, songs and movies, and most importantly, had proved my 'language skills' through the toughest language test in my world – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), what obstacles should I expect?

With that naïve mindset, my first reality shock occurred right after boarding my first international flight, when I could barely understand the safety instructions in English and realized I would be doomed in case of emergency. The anxiety continued after I landed, when I was starved at the airport because I could hardly make myself understood or understand the cashier at McDonald’s (which is also why I still feel proud now every time I order at McDonald’s). To date, I can still remember my first summer class, where I had problem following any group discussions. What about my impeccable TOEFL score? If only my classmates talked like the recorded conversations in TOEFL tests. Besides language barriers, it turned out that the TV shows, songs, and movies imported into China were tailored to the interests of the local audience, whereas there were tons of American culture icons I was unaware of. Life in the U.S. was nothing like I expected.

Now that I have overcome the initial frustrations and have managed to live a life and start a career abroad, the number one lesson I learned is that when it comes to cultural immersion, it is wiser to learn than unlearn. Coming into a new culture with pre-existing biases always costs additional time and efforts because we need to un-bias the false impressions before getting to know the truth. To me, there are still a lot of things I do not know about American culture. But once I learned not to view my overseas experience through colored lenses, I started to appreciate the novelties and challenges I encountered each and every day.

Likewise, the key to an organization’s sustainable global presence is true cultural awareness through humble learning. Having a history of partnership with global distributors in over 56 countries, Hogan demonstrates true cultural awareness by adopting a learner’s mindset. Not only do we build trusting relationships with local distributors who are familiar with our assessment tools and experienced with the local business environment, but also we invite translators who are fluent in English and the target language, have a psychological background (e.g., experience working with personality characteristics and measurement), and are well acquainted with both American culture and the target culture to translate our assessments and reports based on both literal meanings and cultural adaptations. Most importantly, Hogan develops global and local norms and regularly updates those based on industry standards to ensure accurate interpretation of our assessment results in each cultural context. Through these evidence-based solutions, we are able to learn the cultural nuances and be mindful of those differences when working with international or multi-national clients.

With the emergence of a borderless economic world, organizations face the new challenge of going global or going home. Those that are willing to invest in continuous learning will be better prepared to truly understand the local market and win the global competition.

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Miami Workshop Will Advance the Assessment and Interpretive Skills of Spanish-Speaking HR Professionals

Posted by Hogan News on Mon, May 05, 2014

Hosted by Compass Consulting, one of Hogan’s network of partners and distributors, the two-day Spanish-language certification workshop will take place from Tuesday, May 20, through Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at the Kovens Convention Center in Miami. Participants will learn to use three Hogan inventories:

  • The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), which evaluates personality characteristics that people need to ensure job fit and a successful career path.
  • The Hogan Development Survey (HDS), which identifies interpersonal behaviors that can impede career success.
  • The Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), which assesses business drivers and core values to determine a person's individual fit within a corporate culture.

Workshop participants will conduct detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results and give comprehensive feedback on the HPI, HDS and MVPI inventories in group and individual settings. They will also learn best practices concerning assessment use and interpretation.

Participants attending both days and successfully completing the workshop will be certified to use the Hogan inventories. Additionally for HR professionals, the program has been approved for 13 (general) credit hours toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. The workshop has also been approved by the International Coach Federation for 13 Continuing Coaching Education units.

For more information, download the workshop brochure, or to register, contact Compass Consulting at contacto@compasslatam.com. There is a 10 percent discount for those registering two or more participants.

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Hogan Distributor Profile: Sierra Alta

Posted by Michael Sanger on Mon, Apr 07, 2014

India is mysterious, intriguing and vast. So it is no surprise that countless talent management firms have gotten lost navigating the folds of this complex and ever changing market. Thus it is with great delight the Hogan Global Alliances Network can say we have Sierra Alta at helm of the region’s distribution channels. With managing partners Dr. Pradnya Parasher and Rahul Baswani bringing a combined 60 years of psychology and business expertise, we are overwhelmed by their team’s ability to consistently grow and expand the Hogan brand throughout the Asian subcontinent since 2010.

Like many of our distribution partners, one of the keys to their achievement is conducting regular certification workshops, consistently targeting the same major Indian and Sri Lankan cities on an annual cycle. “Keeping a consistent rotation of workshops provides us with a perfectly soft but proactive way to market Hogan Assessments as well as Sierra Alta’s breadth of talent management capabilities,” notes Rahul. “We are able to build on these training opportunities with additional educational services, such as our regularly scheduled Hogan Graduate Club meetings, and Best Practice sharing events.”

Another, lesser known secret to Sierra Alta’s continuously rising success is leveraging Hogan’s global network of multinational consulting partners. “We take pride in partnering with organizations such as Right Management and Aon Hewitt,” says Dr. Parasher. By supporting the Indian business units of these well established players in the market to deliver quality consulting around the Hogan instruments and reports, Sierra Alta has developed invaluable partnerships which they can call upon when their own clients require support on projects that go far beyond their current capacity. “We never have to worry about responding to our clients’ ever growing needs,” she adds.

“But this wouldn’t be possible without the experiences that so many other distributors around the world are willing to generously share; Mobley Group Pacific in Greater China, A&D Resources in Denmark, and Peter Berry Consultancy in Australia, just to name a few,” Rahul explains. “The Global Alliances Network is a great family and we look forward to partnering with each and every one of them on international projects.”

With this positive attitude and willingness to collaborate across boundaries, Sierra Alta in India is a perfect embodiment of what we like to call a ‘Truly Global Hogan.’

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Hogan Welcomes New Partner to Global Alliances Practice

Posted by Hogan News on Wed, Feb 05, 2014

ThouperHogan announced a strategic partnership with THUOPER S.A.S (Tools for Human and Organizational Performance), a provider of assessment and consulting solutions in Colombia and Peru, to support the global reach of its clients. Thuoper joins an industry-leading network of international partners operating in more than 56 countries across six continents.

"Thuoper plans to use Hogan to enhance performance and add value to organizations," said Liliana Lopez, President at Thuoper. "Having Hogan’s portfolio of assessments will be a significant improvement for customers in our market."

Founded in 1999, Thuoper has headquarters in Bogota, as well as offices in Medellin and Lima, and employs 19 individuals. They have been using Hogan assessments since 2012.

"Hogan is rapidly becoming one of the top recognized brands across all of Latin America, thanks to the hard work & efforts of our in-country distributors," said Dustin Hunter, consultant on the global alliances team at Hogan. "We are very excited to include Thuoper as a business partner to meet rising demand for talent management services. Our partnership is particularly timely as many multi-national corporations are funneling out of traditional South American markets (for political and economic reasons) for more favorable business conditions in Colombia. These same MNC’s are now heavily investing resources and relying on best-in-class human capital initiatives to ensure the right people are in leadership positions. Thuoper’s strategic market position and geographic dispersion will allow them to capitalize on the region’s explosive growth and we are privileged to count them as our new partner."

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Hogan Welcomes New International Partner

Posted by Hogan News on Thu, Nov 21, 2013

Hogan Partners ThumbWe're happy to announce a strategic partnership with ETC Consult, Dublin, who will expand our global network and provide quality assessment and consulting solutions to Ireland.

"ETC Consult is delighted to be part of Hogan's distributor network and looking forward to promoting Hogan's products to our existing and potential clients across all sectors of the Irish economy," said Patrick Shortt, CEO at ETC Consult.

ETC Consult was established in 1983 as the psychometrics division of Owl Recruitment Limited. Since then, the firm has established itself as one of the leading providers of psychological assessments, pre-employment screening, training, and career guidance to both parts of Ireland.

"Hogan is well regarded as a global leader in assessments, and a large part of that success depends on our worldwide network of partners," said Ryan Ross, vice president of global alliances at Hogan. "With ETC Consult at the helm of Ireland's psychometric market, Hogan Assessments is excited by the enormous potential of this new found partnership."

Welcome ETC Consult!

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