Hogan to Feature Two Speakers at 2017 ATP Conference

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Wed, Mar 01, 2017

Hogan representatives Dave Winsborough, VP of Innovation and head of Hogan X, and Blaine Gaddis, Sr. Manager of Product Research, will both present at this year’s ATP Innovations in Testing Conference in Scottsdale, AZ next week. The conference, which brings assessment industry professionals together, provides a venue for attendees to learn from and collaborate.

Winsborough will facilitate a Featured Speaker Session titled “Disruption of Traditional Assessment Systems: Are We the Walking Dead?” The session will focus on how digitization has created a fundamentally different testing landscape, and how these changes have enabled significant forces that disrupt traditional assessment. Given the choice between being disruptors or being disrupted, this session also seeks to discuss which kinds of response should be taken. The session will occur at 4:30 pm on Monday, March 6.

Gaddis will participate on a panel presentation on “Psychometric Test Security Approaches to Mitigating Cheating and Faking.” In this session assessment experts within I/O Psychology and Education fields will discuss the impact of faking, psychometric approaches to detecting faking and cheating, the use of response distortion measures and analytics, and the use of both technology and “psychometric forensics” to detect cheating.

Also participating on the panel are John Jones, Kelly Dages, and Andre Allen of General Dynamics Information Technology and Joe Orban of Questar Assessment, Inc. The session will take place at 2:30 pm on Monday, March 6.

If you’re planning to attend the conference, stop by and say hello to your friends at Hogan. If you’re unable to attend, follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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Three Talent Tech Tools to Help You with Your Career

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Tue, Dec 20, 2016

Contributed by Lewis Garrad on Mon, Dec 19, 2016

This article originally appeared at Sirota.com.

While so much media has been focused on how technology is going to automate jobs and replace us all with robots, much less attention is being given to the emerging Talent Tech industry.

In fact, there is a good argument that using technology to help us understand our talent and potential is really the most noble and humanitarian of causes; to help us find out how we can continue to learn, grow and stay relevant in the midst of substantial change.

Sirota has been studying people at work for more than 40 years and huge amounts of our research tell us that when we find a job that we believe in; one that stretches us and makes good use of our skills and abilities, we tend to be more motivated, committed and engaged – which works out well for everyone. In our most recent research with The Engagement Institute, we’ve found that each individual employee’s own approach to their career and their work makes a big difference too – leading to more effective job crafting and growth behaviours.

So with that context in mind, here are some tools that you can try out in the emerging TalentTech space. Most of these are in their earliest releases so it’s worth keeping an eye on how they develop.

  1. Mercer Match – Mercer have been one of the earliest movers in the Talent Tech space, releasing their game-ified career app last year. The technology allows the user to play various games on their mobile device and build a skills and talent profile which can be quickly matched with employer needs. Making use of your fragment time (sitting on the bus or in the bath), you can explore the various games and activities that will keep your brain occupied but also help you figure out your unique talent profile. Get more info about the app here: https://mercermatch.com/.
  2. Hogan-X – There are very few attributes as valuable as self awareness, and as the psychs at Hogan will tell you, “reputation is everything”. Hogan’s newest experimental tools are light and easy to use. Built to help us understand our strengths AND weaknesses at work, the ideas is that we can learn how to get along, while also getting ahead. You can explore feedback on various aspects of your personality and find out what motivates you. Most importantly though you can find out about your dark side – the biggest risks for career derailment. Check it out here: https://me.hogan-x.com/.
  3. Crystal Knows – You might not know this, but Crystal has been getting to know you. With the vast amount of public information about us online these days (think social media profiles and company websites), Crystal is scanning and aggregating your public online profiles to build a tool that helps others get to know (the online) you better and interact with you more effectively. The plug-in tools for LinkedIn, Gmail and other communications tools are particularly useful as they make specific suggestions about what language to use with someone and when. Check it out here: http://crystalknows.com/.

The idea behind these tools is that they empower individuals to take more ownership for their career and talent data. There are many other technology solutions emerging that are also helping companies understand talent in a more sophisticated way (e.g. digital interviews, unstructured data analytics, etc.) and together they are starting to reshape the career landscape.

Lewis Garrad focuses on growth markets for Mercer-Sirota, and has an extensive background in employee feedback and engagement. He has worked across a broad range of industries with companies such as Shell, Rolls-Royce, Skype, Solvay, Tullow Oil, National Grid, Westfield, Royal Ahold, and TNT. Chartered by the British Psychological Society as an Occupational Psychologist, Lewis graduated from the University of Nottingham with an MSc in Occupational Psychology and a First Class Honours BSc in Psychology & Cognitive Neuroscience.



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Q&A: Know Your Crew

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Wed, Nov 30, 2016

KYC.pngIn August, Know Your Crew and Hogan X formed a partnership to advance and revolutionize team building. In combining Know Your Crew’s platform that improves team dynamics with Hogan’s decades of research and team analytics, both organizations aim to maximize their strengths to improve the global workforce.

Still in the product development stage of the new partnership, we caught up with Know Your Crew co-founder and CEO Alison Bloom-Feshbach and Dave Winsborough, the head of Hogan X, for latest news on the partnership and what the future holds for team building.

Q: Since the announcement of the partnership in Summer 2016, how have things progressed from a product development standpoint?

Dave: Know Your Crew and Hogan X developed a short version of our personality tools that is being coded on the Know Your Crew platform right now. When released, it will provide individual team members with a snapshot of how they show up at work and in teams.

Alison: Integrating Hogan’s personality tools into Know Your Crew makes the product an even more powerful driver of strong team dynamics; the goal is to make personality insights easily digestible and quickly actionable. For example, we’re working on an algorithm that will pair personality data with Know Your Crew data to serve up personalized tips to help improve interactions with teammates.

Q: Because of the steady rise of remote teams in the workforce, how can Know Your Crew and Hogan X differentiate from the competition in the team building space?

Alison: Know Your Crew does more than help teams build relationships! Our analytics measure team fitness: how well teammates know each other and how easy it is for them to step into each other’s shoes. We also make it easy for managers to understand the team experience – and take action to improve it.

Dave: That’s easy – there is no one doing what Know Your Crew is! They are truly the world leaders at automated team building. Companies who want to improve team dynamics and performance at scale should use Know Your Crew.

Q: Both Know Your Crew and Hogan X bring different strengths to the table. Can you discuss the mutual benefits each company offers the other?

Alison: Know Your Crew uses gamification to increase awareness of individual and shared preferences, habits, and needs. Understanding the interaction between different personalities is critical to making sense of team relationships – and Hogan’s team personality analytics offer a uniquely rigorous framework for predicting how teams operate at their best and at their most stressed.

Dave: We built the Hogan Team Report to identify the team strengths and weakness in terms of five roles that determine effectiveness: results, relationships, processes, ideas, and pragmatics. Plus, it shows the extent to which team member values match and predicts the issues team members may face with each other. Integrated into the Know Your Crew platform, that’s a powerful tool.

Q: Many HR and talent management experts say that effective leaders are able to build and maintain a high-performing team. In your experience, how have leaders embraced that philosophy?

Alison: The best leaders are obsessed with the individuals who make up their teams. They energize and excite their people and it’s contagious! When leaders show genuine interest in connecting with and engaging their teams, teammates are compelled to do the same. Unfortunately, many young managers lack the tools and training to model this type of behavior.

Dave: It’s a fail from the X perspective. Too few leaders grasp that their role is to help the team be successful, not do the job themselves. Too frequently they are out of touch with the team’s condition, and we can absolutely help that.

Q: From a historical perspective, teams have played a huge role in shaping society. Can you elaborate as to why that’s the case?

Dave: Simple. Humans evolved as group living animals. Cooperation at the level of a family, a tribe, or a band of warriors helped that group compete against predators, the environment, or even other tribes. Working effectively together is the adaptation that catapulted humanity’s progress forward. In the modern world of sports or business, nothing has changed – we need to cooperate in teams to achieve and win.

Alison: There are numerous studies to back that up! People who have strong social connections live longer, happier lives. And of course this is true in the workplace as well. There’s a good reason why seed-stage venture capitalists say the founding team is even more important than the product!

Q: What does the future of team building look like to you?

Alison: It looks data-driven – and reaches across time zones, languages, and cultures.

Dave: A lot like Know Your Crew.


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Hogan X and Know Your Crew Form Partnership to Revolutionize Team Building

Posted by Hogan Assessments on Thu, Aug 11, 2016

We’re excited to announce that Hogan X has formed a strategic partnership with NYC-based Know Your Crew, a tech company using analytics and psychology to optimize and strengthen team relationships. The new partnership aims to advance and revolutionize team building.

As technology continues to evolve and reshape industries across the globe, team building has remained largely unaffected by these technological advances. This prompted the development of Know Your Crew, a platform that integrates team building seamlessly into the workday and measures team dynamics. In combining Know Your Crew’s platform with Hogan’s decades of research and team analytics, both organizations can maximize their strengths to improve the global workforce.

“With so many changes in the workplace and the growing importance of collaboration and remote working, it became clear to us that new tools were necessary to enhance team performance,” says Alison Bloom-Feshbach, Know Your Crew co-founder and CEO. “Current development tools tend to focus on the individual, but the majority of work is the product of a coordinated team.”

Dave Winsborough, who is the head of Hogan X, views this as an opportunity to improve global leadership.

“While we recognize the importance of individual effort, we have long advocated that the hallmark of good leadership is building and sustaining a winning team,” says Winsborough. “The innovative, scalable team-building platform Know Your Crew has built allows leaders to measure their team’s performance while also making it fun.”

With new product offerings expected later this year, the focus of both organizations is centered on the future of team building and leadership performance.

“The world of work is changing rapidly to deal with the faster pace of innovation and increasing globalization,” says Winsborough. “Nearly all worthwhile achievements in human history were the result of a team, which is why smart firms in today’s society are increasingly turning to teams to get business done.”

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